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Who Was He ? Best Short Love and Romantic Story | Me2Love Shayari

In the midst of an ancient crowded city a boy was born. The city was a big one; there lied one of the largest markets of all time. Traders from all over the globe came to this city for trades. People used to call him Zlatan. He grew up there as boy on his own, feeding on the scrubs left by both rich and the poor and drinking water from sewers and gutters, never knew who his parents were and never was he interested in knowing them, sometimes used to pickpocket the traders in the marketplace,

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Hindi Paheliyan with Answer | चार अक्षर का है मेरा नाम।

चार अक्षर का है मेरा नाम।
गहरी छाया, फल देनरा काम।।
पत्तों से कीड़े हैं पलते।
कीड़ों से हम कपड़ा बुनते।।

उत्तर:- शहतूत

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Best New Funny Shayari 2018 Funny Sms in Hindi | Me2Love

Arrange marriage के भी अपने फायदे है – कभी कभी ऐसी लडकी से शादी हो जाती है, जिसे लडका खुद सात जन्म तक नहीं पटा सकता…… ——————————————- कौन ‘कमबख्त’ कहता है, लड़के सोचते कम हैं . . . लड़की एक बार मुस्करा कर तो देखे शेरवानी के रंग से लेकर बच्चों तक के नाम सोच […]

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